About The Practice

Urologist & Andrology Laboratory located in Great Neck, NY

Bruce R Gilbert MD, PhD, PC

Board-certified urologist Bruce R. Gilbert, MD, PhD, specializes in male sexual and reproductive medicine in Great Neck, Long Island, New York. Dr. Gilbert sees male patients for sexual dysfunction, infertility challenges, and many other conditions associated with the male reproductive system.

The practice uses the latest technology, including low-intensity shockwave therapy, and the most cutting-edge reproductive and sexual medicine services. Dr. Gilbert offers advanced semen analysis testing, secure sperm bankingtestosterone replacement therapy, acupuncture,  urologic ultrasounds, and much more.

He treats erectile dysfunction (ED), low testosterone, infertility, and many other conditions using medical, noninvasive, complementary, and surgical treatments. He provides comprehensive evaluations and creates personalized treatment plans that provide exceptional solutions for each patient. Providing superior patient care is his top priority.

Dr. Gilbert and his team also provide urological ultrasound education, hands-on ultrasound training, and consultations for physicians and sonographers (ultrasound technicians). Office hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. Providers are always available for consultations and to answer questions.

The practice of Bruce R Gilbert, MD, PhD, PC, operates an on-site, New York-licensed, and FDA-registered sperm bank and andrology lab. The practice is unparalleled in treating male infertility and sexual function problems. Dr. Gilbert provides compassionate care in a friendly, comfortable setting. He and his staff warmly welcome new and existing patients to the practice.

Schedule a urology evaluation, a semen analysis, or sperm banking at the office of Bruce R Gilbert, MD, PhD, PC, by phone or request an appointment online today.