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About Semen Analysis

Are you and your partner struggling to become pregnant? If you’re looking for answers, see board-certified urologist Bruce R Gilbert MD, PhD, in Great Neck, Long Island, New York. His practice offers a semen analysis to evaluate the quality of your ejaculate and determine which treatments you’re a candidate for. Schedule an evaluation today with Dr. Gilbert by phone or request one online today to get started.

Semen Analysis Q & A

What is a semen analysis?

A semen analysis by Dr. Gilbert takes place at the Men’s Fertility Lab, a New York-licensed lab in the office of Bruce R Gilbert, MD, PhD, PC. The lab provides comprehensive services, with reports typically faxed back within hours.

A semen analysis consists of a collection of semen and individual tests that evaluate the characteristics of the ejaculate, including its microscopic, macroscopic, and physiologic properties.

What can a semen analysis detect?

A semen analysis evaluates the color, pH, volume, coagulation, biochemistry, and viscosity of your semen. It assesses sperm concentration, count, motility, antibodies, and sperm viability (the ability to get your partner pregnant).

This analysis can detect common causes of infertility, sexual dysfunction, or other genitourinary problems, including:

  • Retrograde ejaculation
  • Ejaculatory duct obstruction
  • Low seminal fluid volume
  • Prostate gland problems
  • Seminal vesicle irregularities
  • Infections
  • Jaundice
  • Drug use
  • Blood in your semen
  • Problems producing seminal fluid

A semen analysis also can detect the absence of sperm in ejaculation or the presence of non-sperm cells.

What should I expect during a semen analysis?

There are two ways you can leave a semen sample. You can collect it in your home and bring it into the office or collect a semen sample in Dr. Gilbert’s office.

If you choose to collect the sample at home, you must collect it no more than an hour before you arrive at Dr. Gilbert’s office for your appointment. Empty your bladder before collecting the sample. Do not urinate after leaving the sample; you’ll be asked to collect your urine when you arrive at the office.

You must ejaculate in a wide-mouth, sterile container, which you obtain from Dr. Gilbert’s office or a local pharmacy. Keep the sample at body temperature (98.6 degrees).

Abstain from sexual relations 48-72 hours before collecting your semen to ensure you obtain the best-quality sample for the semen analysis.

What happens after a semen analysis?

After you leave a semen sample our lab begins the evaluation of your sample within minutes . A comprehensive analysis can take an hour or more to complete. You and your doctor will receive a copy of the results. Usually within 48 hours after the sample was gove. Comments on the report might suggest further diagnostic testing. These are suggestions based on the resuts of the analysis. Please speak with your Doctir regarding their recomendations.

You can always schedule additional diagnostic testing or request a consultation with Bruce R Gilbert, MD, PhD by phone (516-487-2700) or submit your request online.

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