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DD Sperm

A Directed Donor is a man storing sperm for use by a known female recipient that he is not sexually intimate with. The usual recipient is usually either a woman without a male partner who would like to have a child with sperm from an individual they know, woman who is in a relationship with a male partner who is not able to produce sperm, or a man whose sperm will be used with a gestational surrogate. This process is regulated by both the FDA  and the NY State Department of Health.

Qualifying the Male Directed Donor involves THREE STEPS:

1. CONTACT US BY EMAIL, PHONE OR ONLINE. We will ask you for some basic information, send you forms to complete, and schedule a virtual consultation.

    1. A written informed consent from the male directed donor and Recipient is obtained after our Medical Director has explained the procedures for collection, storage, retrieval, dispensing of specimens, and use of blood, urine, and semen screening rationale and techniques, details, of privacy and responsibilities of both the Directed Donor and the Recipient. The discussion will include:
    2. Discussion of the process of Donor qualification.
    3. Informing the donor that his name and address will be kept on file, and the restrictions on releasing donor-identifying information as specified in NY State Department of Health section 52-8.9 .
    4. The required donor testing, a review of the Donor’s history, a physical examination, semen analysis, and genetic and infectious disease marker testing.
    5. Informing the Donor that his medical history information and testing results will be released to his physicians and the gestational carrier/surrogate in compliance with NY State requirements for disclosing this medical information.
    6. Informing the Donor that Eligibility Determination will be made by the Medical Director.
    7. Informing the Donor that prior to the release of Specimens, a Summary of Records will be forwarded to the Recipient’s inseminating physician for review and confirmation of release.
    8. A complete medical history, both individual and family, including first-degree and second-degree relatives, will be reviewed together with genetic and psychological screenings that might have been performed.

    1. A physical examination will be performed.
    2. Blood testing for sexually transmissible diseases and other required blood testing.
    3. Review of genetic testing for major genetic disorders and consultation with a NY State licensed genetic counselor approved by NY Cryo.
    4. Review of psychological evaluation and counseling by a NY State licensed specialist approved by NY Cryo to assess psychological risks and evaluate for financial and emotional factors.
    5. Evaluation, processing, and cryopreservation of a semen specimen
    6. Additional specimens can be collected. Repeat blood testing is required six (6) months after the date of collection of each specimen.  Each specimen must have blood tests drawn within 7 days of specimen collection.
    7. Specimens are quarantined as required by NY State regulations.

Based on the questionnaires you completed, laboratory testing, and consultations, our Medical Director will make an Eligibility Determination and notify you and your partner’s Physician. The specimens will either be found to be eligible or ineligible for use in creating an embryo for implantation in a gestational carrier/surrogate.

Eligible specimens (or the embryos created from them) are then quarantined for six months, after which the donor is re-tested for the required infectious disease before release for implantation. NY State allows for a waiver of the six-month quarantine if the waiver is signed by the recipient of the donor tissue and agreed to by the implantation facility.

Ineligible semen samples are those that do not meet the eligibility criteria set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). A shared decision process decides the use of ineligible samples between the recipient of the donor tissue and the implantation physician after discussing the risks and often after an informed consent is signed.

Fees for Male Donor Eligibility Determination can be found here.

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