Urologic Ultrasound

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Urologic ultrasound is an extremely helpful and often required part of the evaluation of the Urologic patient presenting with concerns regarding infertility or sexual dysfunction as well as a wide range of urologic conditions. Office ultrasound performed by Dr. Gilbert, who is an experienced Urologist and Sonographer, also enhances patient care. It is a non-invasive procedure that gives real-time information may provide a rapid and accurate diagnosis. Dr. Gilbert has authored several books on Urological ultrasound including Practical Urological Ultrasound (Second Edition) and Ultrasound of the Male Genitalia. He teaches large and private Seminars and Hands-On courses in Urologic Ultrasound.  He has also taught and trained hundreds of Urologist’s and Urology Residents in Urologic Ultrasound and is uniquely qualified to perform, interpret and treat patients based upon findings on the penile, prostate, renal and/or scrotal ultrasound study. He also serves as Physician Director for Ultrasound for his AIUM Accredited Urologic Ultrasound practice.

Proficiency in Urologic ultrasound requires “Hands-On” training under the mentorship of an experienced sonographer. Dr. Gilbert has served as Chairmen and  Vice Chair of Education of the National Urologic Ultrasound Faculty (NUUF).  As a leading Ultrasound Instructor he has been the course director of many postgraduate courses offered by the AUA at their annual meetings as well as Hands-On Ultrasound training courses for Residents. He has edited two books on Urology Ultrasound; Practical Urologic Ultrasound and Ultrasound of the Male Genitalia. Dr. Gilbert has written protocols for urologic ultrasound examinations that are used nationally. He has also authored a Book on Urologic Ultrasound, several peer reviewed papers on Urologic Ultrasound and produced several Educational Ultrasound DVDs available from the American Urological Association (AUA). We also offer Urologic Ultrasound Education, Consultation and Hands-On Training for other physicians and Sonographers.

The following are Dr. Gilbert ‘s answers to questions often asked by Patients prior to an Ultrasound examination:

How long will the procedure take?
The time of the Ultrasound examination varies with the organs being studied. It is usually between 10 and 30 minutes. However, special studies, such as a Penile Doppler Ultrasound examination might take a little longer.

Who will do the Ultrasound Examination?
I personally do all the Ultrasound examinations. I feel that the best way to make a diagnosis is to “see” for myself what is normal…and what might not be. The Ultrasound examination is an evolving examination with decisions on what and how to best image being made throughout the procedure.

Will there be any pain?
There is no sensation, heat or pain associated with the use of ultrasound and, to date, there is no reliable evidence that indicates any significant ill effects from the use of ultrasound at the wavelengths and intensities utilized in Urologic Ultrasound examinations.

What will happen during the Ultrasound Examination?
Ultrasound examinations will be done while lying either on your back, your belly, or on your side on an examination table. The ultrasonic transducer rests gently on the skin overlying the tissues or organs to be examined. A thin layer of warmed ultrasonic gel is used to ensure air-free contact between the transducer and your skin for examination of structures of interest. You should not have any pain or discomfort throughout the examination. The examination can last between 10 and 30 minutes depending on the organs being examined. I will discuss the findings of the examination.

Is there any special preparation for the Ultrasound Examination?
Usually not. However, your particular examination requires special preparation we will inform you.

Who will discuss with me the findings of my Ultrasound Examination?
At the end of the examination I will personally discuss the results with you together with my recomendations.

If you have questions or would like more information please contact:

Bruce R.Gilbert, M.D., Ph.D. at 516-487-2700 or info@BruceGilbertMD.com